Monday, 20 June 2016

Blood Drip Nails at Zara-Leoni's Vintage Salon


I think by now you are all probably aware that I am a lover of all things creepy. Why? I don't really know but I've always felt myself drawn to the more macabre things in life. From horror films to creepy stories to visiting 'haunted' locations, I love it all. 

So why not incorporate my love of all things horror with my nails? Well thanks to the lovely Zara Leoni, I did just that!
I have been to Zara's Vintage Salon before when I was lucky enough to get my very own Broken Dolls photo. I loved what she did with my nails, so I was excited to go back and check out her nail art.

I've actually never had nail art done before. Other than my own failed attempts at polka dot nails, I tend to just stick with very simple nails. A lot of this is due to not being able to actually grow my nails long enough and I generally get a little freaked out by long nails.

Yes, I can watch any scary film around but shove some mega long nails in my face and I am terrified. 

I popped along to Zara's salon with my partner in crime, Lucie, to get our nails done ahead of a fun filled weekend in Glasgow. 

The salon is gorgeous and is such a haven for anyone who looks a bit of retro style. We were greeted with cakes, bubbly and good music which made a change from the usual Radio 1 pish you normally have to put up with... 

Lucie went up first and came out with the most adorable Hawaiian tshirt style nails but that was just too summery for me. I needed to goth my nails up. Hence the blood drip idea. 

Zara showed me a couple of the horror/Halloween nails that she does which threw me for a second. So many awesome designs but I knew my heart was set on the blood. Though it means I can't wait to go back and try out all the spooky nails. 

It didn't take much time at all and was all done with shellac nail polish, which I am now obsessed with. It is so handy for clumsy people like myself who tend to live in chipped nail polish. 

The design was pretty simple compared to what Lucie got but it is totally up my street. You can't beat the effectiveness of blood red on a white background. 

The whole weekend I've had a good fair few people compliment me on my nails which has been lovely and kinda new for me. As I said my nail skills are incredibly limited but it an awesome feeling to know that your nails are on 'fleek'. That's the popular trendy word right? 

Seriously though, you should all get yourselves to Zara's salon. She is incredibly talented, welcoming and she shows you pictures of the adorable cats she has. What more would you want? 

Would you go for blood drip nails or are you more team Hawaiian print? 

Till the next time!



  1. These look amazing! Love them, and the salon looks so cosy and welcoming too!

    Milly | Mini Adventures

    1. Thanks :)

      Yeah it is such a lovely salon and Zara is awesome!


  2. The nails look amazing! I'm also loving the interior of the salon,
    Amelia | ameliamaryx

    1. Thanks lovely. I think I always want to have 'horror' nails now.


  3. Always good to know about cute wee places to visit such as this- i'll need to treat myself to a posh manicure some time! (also OHMYGOD I am lusting after Lucy's nails so hard!!) x

    1. Oh you should. Zara is really awesome as well. You should come with us next time we go :)